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What does ‘colour’, ‘black and white’ or ‘as shown’ on the proof mean?
The images provided are sample images and have been edited as a suggestion.  Any ordered images can be edited to your preference either in colour (natural), standard black and white or ‘as shown’ that may be in black and white with colour objects or our unique colour effects.
If a sample image is in black and white or with an effect, you are still able to order the image in colour instead. If you would like your ordered image to be as per the proof image provided you would choose ‘as shown’, otherwise tick the colour option box or the black & white box.

Do I hold copyright to all images purchased?
When purchasing images on a CD or the Digital Download option the copyright is released. At this point you can use your images as you wish. You may not copy/scan any prints, should you do this you are breaking the copyright law.

How do you measure the print sizes?
All print/canvas sizes are measured in inches.

How long do you keep the images for?
Images are kept on file for around 6-12 months.

I have missed the order deadline; can I still place an order?
Yes, any orders placed later than the order by date shown on the order forms will incur a £4.00 surcharge.  This £4.00 covers postage and packaging.

Can my order be posted direct to my home address?
Our policy is that all orders are directly posted back to the school,nursery or pre-school setting for safeguarding purposes.  Staff will distribute orders accordingly.

I need assistance with ordering and the phone line is busy
We sometimes experience a very high volume of calls, therefore our phone line becomes extremely busy, please do bare with us.

Can I change my order once my online selection has been submitted?
Please contact us direct for further advice, depending on the production stage with your order this may not be possible.

I am missing an item within my order, what shall I do?
Please call us directly on 01773 279377.

I would like you to Photoshop my child’s image
Our photographing retouching policy –
A basic amount of retouching is applied to all ordered images; this includes scratches, bruises, food matter or dribble.  However, if you require detailed retouching other than mentioned above then please inform us via phone or email.  We cannot remove any significant marks without consent.

Will you use my child’s images for marketing purposes?
dsb photography will only use images for marketing purposes with parental consent.

When will I receive my order?
If your order has been placed within the time frame then this will be returned to the school,nursery or pre-school setting within 3 weeks from the order date shown on the order forms. If your order has been placed after the order by date then your order will be posted to the school, nursery or pre-school within 3 weeks of the order being placed.

Refund and Return policy
As our products are printed to order therefore we do not offer refunds or returns.  All orders are bespoke to each customer meaning refunds are not given.  Please make sure all image numbers are typed correctly and the edit option is selected to your preferred choice.
We reserve the right to change the colour of our photo mounts
Printing elsewhere using your digital download images
We are not held responsible for the quality of prints and products you receive from alternative photographic places
Group Photos
You are not able to order any group photo within our mixed image, same image packs and the digital download package